Last month, a goal years in the making came to fruition as the new playground for the Wyoming Fairgrounds was installed.

When reflecting back on the installation, Kristina Agnitsch, who began spearheading the effort to get the playground equipment upgraded in 2018, said it was almost a surreal experience.

“It was kind of unreal,” she said. “When they were pouring the cement, I knew it was happening and that felt real, but to actually build the equipment, it didn’t feel like it was happening. It felt like a dream.”

Things really picked up after they got the main structure ordered in last fall.

“After we ordered that…and saying that it was here and we have this much left to raise, it really seemed to tell people that this is happening,” she said.

A year later, the rest of the equipment had been ordered and installed.

In a post ahead of the installation, the Wyoming Fair Board thanked Agnitsch for all of her hard work in making the project a reality.

“We have to say a very heart felt thank you to Kristina Agnitsch (and the whole Agnitsch family) for her vision, her hard work and her tenacity to see this project through to fruition. Perseverance pays off. Thank you to everyone who donated to help this dream become a reality! City folks wonder why we love living in small town America. It is because a small community like ours gets behind projects like this and accomplishes things that our city cousins believe to be impossible. Dream big people! You can make dreams come true,” the post said.

“God bless small town America.”

Agnitsch said the support she felt from the community was “essential” to her get the project across the finish line.

“There were negative people out there saying it wasn’t going to happen, but there way more people saying that this was a great thing and that I was doing a great thing for the community,” she said. “That really pushed me to continue.”

Though the equipment is all ordered and installed, there’s still about $2,000 in costs to cover for the equipment. To assist, donations can either be brought into Citizens State Bank, mailed to the Fair Board or cans can be dropped off at the Wyoming Fire Station.

Looking back on where she was when the whole project started back in 2018, Agnitsch can really see how far she’s come.

“I was a very shy student. I was involved in things, but I wasn’t extremely involved. I was just kind of there,” the now Midland graduate said. “This project really pushed me out of my comfort zone and really pushed me to grow. Speaking in front of a crowd was never something I thought I could do, but I’ve had to do it multiple times and I feel like I’ve gotten more confident.

“Overall, I feel like it’s benefitted me so much. I feel like I’m a completely different person from where I was three years ago.”

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