Three seats are open for four-year terms on the council.

Name: Dan Smith

Family: Wife, two daughters and a grandchild

Why are you running? Because I care about Anamosa. I have lived in Anamosa 30 years. We need positive change and should all work together. I believe we should promote Anamosa and strive to improve, attract young people to live and work in Anamosa and highlight the positives. We have a wonderful state park, some new trails and history with Grant Wood. The city has invested millions of dollars in the wastewater plant and the water plant. I would like to see some of the projects through completion. I realize the actions of the city council will impact our children and grandchildren. I am a firm believer that we should all have a voice. We need to pull our community together. I would be honored to be part of that.

What is your background/experience? I was the wastewater superintendent for 13 years. My wife and I have had a lawncare business for almost 30 years. Went through the flood of 2008 with the city. Went through construction of the wastewater plant and ran that facility for years. I was on the zoning and planning for a while before taking my position with the city. While working for the city, I attended a lot of the council meetings.

What do you hope to accomplish? To voice the concerns of the people of Anamosa. To be transparent. Work with a group of people that want to work together and all row in the same direction.

What would you say to an undecided voter to convince them to vote for you? I have old-fashioned values but realize we must think of the future and make Anamosa. Competitive to attract new businesses and strive to make our community better for our children and grandchildren.



Name: John Machart

Family:Two children, six grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

Why are you running? To continue upgrading our city facilities. Help see through the finish of the fire station and move forward with getting police facility to completion.

What is your background/experience? Worked in streets department over 12 years. Have been on city council four-plus years. Believe I have some knowledge of the way to help with problems.

What do you hope to accomplish? Bring new business to the city. To get our aging infrastructure repaired. New areas for housing.

What would you say to an undecided voter to convince them to vote for you? I will work my best to work for everyone of our fine citizens. To get all to work together to make our town better.



Name: Galen Capron

Family: Been married 42 years to wife Diane, two grown children, four grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

Why are you running? To continue to serve Anamosa.

What is your background/experience? Two years on the council, over 45 years of work and just plain life experiences.

What do you hope to accomplish? Finish what has been started, such as downtown façade program, Old Dubuque Road extension, street and water, sewer upgrades and repairs.

What would you say to an undecided voter to convince them to vote for you? I have a reputation as an honest, straight forward person. I have no hidden agendas, and I plan on and have been doing the best I can for all the people of Anamosa, not just certain groups. In summary, am I perfect? No, nobody is and no matter the outcome of this election, I want the best for Anamosa.

Kay Smith


Name: Kay Smith

Family: children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, dog

Why are you running? I believe there is need for a solid base of knowledge along with proven leadership to make decisions that will positively impact our community now and in its future. Council decisions are influenced by the dictates of federal and state laws and local ordinances; further, all decisions must be made based upon unbiased, evaluated facts by open-minded council members.

What is your background/experience? Over past years, I have lived in a variety of Iowa communities, shared raising our children with Chuck (Coach Smith), and been involved in a variety of work and volunteer activities. I am a retired secondary teacher and continue to substitute teach at AHS and AMS. Schools, like city councils, must work within the confines of federal, state and local law. It is very important that there is clear communication about what and why policies and/or procedures are being put into action.

What do you hope to accomplish? Six voting members make up the Anamosa City Council team. Our job, as I see it, is to represent all of Anamosa’s citizens, work cooperatively within the team, and make prudent decisions. Council should research and learn about issues, listen to opinions from our town, plus hear advice from experts before developing plans of action. Identifying short- and long-term goals, determining potential hurdles, and making fact-based decisions will help our community now and in the future. Mutual respect and trust will continue to support our efforts to achieve a common purpose.

What would you say to an undecided voter to convince them to vote for you? I will work to maintain the strength of the community while trying to develop opportunities for growth. I will listen, evaluate, question and approach council issues with an open mind.


Name: Brooke Gombert

Family: My wife of 19 years, Katie (Norlin) Gombert, and I have two sons, Rydan and Rayce, who attend Anamosa Middle School. I’ve lived in Anamosa the majority of my life.

Why are you running? I’m running for city council because I feel more informed and non-biased decisions could improve our town and make it a better and safer place to live. I have a business owner’s point of view, and I’m not afraid to ask questions and make decisions in the best interest of my community and its taxpayers.

What is your background/experience? I have construction management experience from the ground up and have been in it all my life. I’ve been a general contractor, building townhouses and homes at Lakeside Estates. We recently purchased a property in town, which we are renovating. I owned my own successful custom flooring business for 17 years. I’m currently a project manager and estimator for a successful construction company in Marion. I would be a valuable asset to city construction and renovation projects.

What do you hope to accomplish? I plan to oversee the proper use of taxpayer funds on purchases, construction and updates to city-owned property. I plan to improve the efficiency of our water department, including billing and the updating of meters. I plan to promote the enforcement of city ordinances, including nuisance properties, parking and the repair and upkeep of public facilities and property.

What would you say to an undecided voter to convince them to vote for you? I am a business professional with a business owner’s point of view. I plan to do away with the runaround and lack of transparency and will make decisions in your and your neighbor’s best interest. It’s time for a change. Better decisions equal a better community!



Name: Teresa Tuetken

Family: Daughter, Abigail Money, Arlington, Va., and son, Adam Tuetken, Anamosa.

Why are you running? Being born and raised here and moving away to join the Navy, moving back was an eye-opener. It’s time for a downtown business owner to step up and help steer our community in a positive direction.

What is your background/experience? Owning a successful business in downtown Anamosa for over 21 years, serving on the chamber board for several years along with all the extra committees that go along with that and leadership that only the military can teach you.

What do you hope to accomplish? To bring the focus back to what’s best for our community and direct our town in a positive direction.

What would you say to an undecided voter to convince them to vote for you? Being born and raised here, I have always taken pride in Anamosa. After moving away to join the Navy, I moved back to raise my kids in the same small town. I invested in a business that has grown and succeeded because of our community. I try to support our town any way I can and am in it for the long haul.

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