A new business, which opened in downtown Anamosa Dec. 15, is looking to bring a unique experience to the area.

Axe-cade on Main is the brainchild of Teresa and Chad Coons. As the name implies, it will offer axe throwing and an arcade, as well as smash rooms in the basement for customers to enjoy.

The couple first got into axes when they went to visit the historical home of Daniel Boone while on vacation with friends. After the visit, they got axes from the gift shop and built the first target at their friends’ home. After that, they went and built a target for them to practice it at home.

Then, when looking for commercial real estate over the summer, the building at 136 E. Main Street just screamed like it set up for possible axe-throwing bays.

“We walked in here, and before even seeing the rest of the building, [Chad] saw the posts right away and said, ‘This could be an awesome axe throwing place,’” Teresa said.

The addition of the arcade allows for someplace for kids to come hang out.

“We were hoping for something more in Anamosa for people to do,” Teresa said. “This is more of a walk-in thing that kids after school or on the weekends if they’re riding their bikes around town, they can swing in here...It makes it more open to the whole community.”

The idea came about for the smash rooms when they saw built out rooms in the basement that they were looking to utilize. Those will allow people to smash items of various sizes (depending on price) with items like bats or crowbars.

With the type of materials involved, safety is obviously a big priority.

Axe throwing requires signing of a waiver for both adults and minors. Those 10 and older, but not 18 need to be supervised by adults. Participants will also be given coveralls with chest protectors, face shields, must wear closed-toed shoes to go past the arcade and must use the business’s provided goggles and gloves to ensure that the equipment is of the needed quality. They can be reused in subsequent visits.

The trio of bays each have two targets with up to eight people with a maximum of four people booked per party and a maximum two parties per bay.

In the smash rooms, people will have to use one smashing item at a time. There will also be video feeds to keep an eye on smash rooms, and TVs outside the rooms will allow staff and friends to watch what’s going on inside.

Rundowns will be given to new customers by staff to explain the rules, like where axes have to stay and how the process will work. Colored wristbands will be used to indicate where people are and aren’t allowed to be within the business. There’s a two-drink maximum for those axe-throwing or in smash rooms.

The games will also include pool and shuffleboard. The business will have snacks and beer and is partnering with local businesses, like Tucker’s Tavern, to provide food for people by allowing them to order through the Axe-cade staff and are hoping to expand their partnerships as time goes on. No outside food or drink will be allowed in.

“We want to keep it local,” Teresa said.

Speaking prior to the opening, Teresa said they’ve already had great feedback from the public and that there’s excitement. The announcement about the business on Facebook got thousands of reactions.

The business is starting at 20 hours a week: Wednesday and Thursday from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m., Friday and Saturday from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. Hours outside normal business hours can be made by appointment for things like parties. Information about prices, waivers and bookings can be found at, and the business is followable on Facebook.

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