As they have twice in the past, the Anamosa school board approved sending a letter of support to sanction girls’ wrestling as an official sport in the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union. This year, however, different results are expected.

In order for a sport to be sanctioned, 50 schools must offer letters of support, or 15% of schools in the state. Minnesota and Wisconsin have both recently sanctioned the sport and if it would be sanctioned, it would be the first new sport to be sanctioned since 2005.

Anamosa High School Principal Erin Thompson, who’s on the Representative Council for the IGHSAU, said at the summer meeting the topic was a big point of discussion and it was expected that 50-mark would be hit before the year was out. Currently, 30 letters had been received.

If the sport would be sanctioned, there would be a two-year grace period where the sport would transition into being a fully sanctioned sport during which time schools that did not have a girls’ program would still be able to wrestle on the boys’ team.

“They are close,” Thompson said. “It is the next sport to be sanctioned.”

The sport has been immensely popular in Anamosa and Superintendent Larry Hunt said the sport has seen an immense growth over the last few years, particularly in eastern Iowa.

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