The Anamosa City Council approved submitting an application for more than $200,000 aimed at assisting five home owners make exterior renovations to their home.

The funds will come from the federal Housing Rehabilitation Program. The goal of the Housing Rehabilitation Program is to assist five homeowners make exterior improvements to their homes that will allow elderly or severely disabled homeowners or their family members to remove barriers that would allow them to remain living in their homes.

The program does also allow for internal updates, but no one went that route. The only internal update that will be done will be lead hazard reduction. Because of that, no displacements of residents are expected during the work, but the funding request has a funding contingency built in if a temporary displacement was needed.

The owners have to be at or below 80% of the county’s median income and the residences have to be outside the 1% annual chance floodplain and the funds are provided as five-year forgivable loans. Some of the work that could be covered under the program includes siding work, gutter work, windows or roofing work. Work on each residence can total up to $24,999 for each home, plus costs associated with lead hazard reduction.

In the process of approving the application, the council held a public hearing, approve a technical services contract for the grant, should it be awarded and approved documents needed for the grant through the Community Development Building Grant and the federal disclosures and assurances.

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