The public has once again been deal hunting the last couple of weekends. After COVID-19 cancelled most citywide garage sales, the public was once again bargain hunting in 2021.

There were plenty of unique items for sale May 6 and 7 in Anamosa. For Samantha Ricklefs, the sale was an opportunity to shrink down her collection of porcelain dolls.

With how well the dolls are made, they can stand the test of time. She started collected them after receiving one as a gift, and she still has the doll her mother used to play with when she was little. As the mother of boys, there was really no one to enjoy her dolls, though she’s keeping some of the dolls she got when she was younger.

“They’re not really into them. So, that’s why I’m trying to get rid of some,” Ricklefs said.

For others, it was an opportunity to sell their homemade wares.

Tina and Deanna Hendrickson took time to perfect some homemade recipes.

Tina has been experimenting with different types of salsa and had jars of hot, medium and mild for sale. It’s a hobby she’s been experimenting with for the last few years, but the pandemic pushed her to further experimentation as she’s been working from home.

Usually, the salsa has been jarred as a gift for friends and family to rave reviews. When it comes to heat levels, she said she prefers the hot salsa herself.

Deanna’s husband, Brian, also recently got back into making his own maple syrup with their pandemic free time. He used to make his own as a kid and his brothers, who live up in northern Minnesota, still do. The family has hundreds of maple trees on the property. They decided to get back in the practice, and the results do not compare to store-bought syrup.

“It’s the best,” Deanna said. “Everybody loves it.”

She said they made about 50 gallons worth of syrup with their trees.

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