As of Oct. 11, Jones County’s 14-day positivity rose from 11% to 11.9%. The seven-day stats rose to 16.2% from 8.8%. Statewide, both for the past seven and past 14 days, the positivity rate sat at 9.5%. Under “total positive cases,” the dashboard listed 84 for Jones County in the last seven days, an increase of 22 over last week. For total cases, the county sits at 3,730.

Nine positive cases are active among staff at the Anamosa State Penitentiary as of Oct. 8, an increase of three from the previous week.

As of Oct. 11, cases were reported at every school building in the Anamosa school district. There were four positive cases among students at Anamosa Middle School, no change from the previous week, one at Anamosa High School, no change from the previous week, and two at Strawberry Hill Elementary, a decrease of two. Three cases were reported among staff, two at the middle school and one at the elementary school.

In the latest Midland health update shared Oct. 8, Superintendent Caleb Bonjour said that the elementary school was holding around 5%, and the secondary was at 9% out due to illness, with a couple days previously being above 10%. Of those, five were COVID positives at the elementary, four of whom were staff, and there were 16 combined between staff and students at the secondary, an increase of 10 from the previous update. Some doctors, Bonjour said, were using “assumed positives” if people were showing symptoms. Bonjour said the school board has approved allowing nurses to require students and staff to wear masks if they are showing symptoms.

As a county, 53.1% of Jones County residents are fully vaccinated, an increase of .3% over last week. Statewide, that number is 54.3%, with Johnson County leading the state at 64.1%. Vaccine providers can be found at Statewide, the number of vaccines administered is more than 3.3 million.

In Linn County as of Oct. 11, the 14-day average sat at 10.2%, an increase of .1% from the previous week, and the seven-day average was at 10.1%, an increase of .1%. The reported count in Springville’s zip code sits at 279, an increase of four over last week. Among the positive cases, more than 86% are recovered.

Both Linn County and Jones County are in the “high transmission” range on the Center for Disease Control and Prevention website.

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