The Anamosa Future Farmers of America’s new chapter officers were on hand, alongside advisor Hailey Weir, to update the school board on what they’ve been up to and what the plans for next year look like at the June 20 meeting.

The officers went over the three major goals the group has and how they’ve gone about them trying to achieve them.

1. Grow leaders. The officers highlighted degrees handed out to members, participation in FFA competition and participation in the state and national convention.

2. Build communities. Here, the highlight was the two test plots run by the chapter, one in Anamosa and one in Olin, which netted the chapter nearly $11,000 to go toward activities. They also neared $25,000 for their annual fruit sale.

3. Strengthen agriculture. Here, they discussed the debut of the chapter’s middle school outreach program, where members met with incoming freshmen to try to garner interest in joining FFA and getting involved in agriculture and attending parent night. The officers also touched on achievements during the fair.

Having met as an officer team, they say for next year they want to increase community service, better communication, increased activities, career opportunities and school involvement.

When fielding questions from members of the board, students said the chapter last year grew by about 10 students. When asked how many members live on a farm, president Emily Meyer said most members do not, but those that do, tend to be the chapter’s most active members.

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