Hannah Fishwild leads her heifer around the Wyoming Fair cattle ring July 10.


Hannah Fishwild has been a familiar face in the Wyoming Fair cattle ring for a number of years now, in her seventh in the ring, though her connection with cattle predates her showing.

“I’ve always just grown up with cattle,” she said. “That’s what we’ve always had, and I’ve just kind of stuck to it because I like it.”

Over those years, she can tell she’s become more confident in the ring.

“I’m a lot better at answering questions and being more confident,” Fishwild said.

Year after year, cattle is what she’s shown in the ring—though the numbers have varied. This year, a Chinana heifer, which she topped the class with, was her lone entry. Usually, Fishwild will show at least two entries, though she’s shown as many as five.

“It was really hectic when I showed a lot because a lot of them that I would show…they’d be class after class,” she said. “So, I’d be going [out] and running back around to get my next one.”

Ever since she started showing, she’s always been involved in the purchase of the cattle she shows and that increase in confidence also means she knows what to look for when she’s buying. She started with buying Angus cattle, on the advice of her brother, but has expanded in the years since, and now knows what to look for in the genetics of the cattle she wants. The quality of the animal, rather than the breed, is what determines her purchasing habits nowadays.

Fishwild takes enjoyment and pride in being a part of the entire process.

“I raise my show cows, and then I breed them and then get calves. So, it’s just really fun to watch them grow up,” she said.

When her hard work pays off with a top-of-the-class entry, like it did during the Wyoming Fair Beef Show July 10, it makes the recognition that much sweeter.

“I don’t spend a lot money, I just try to go for what will be more beneficial in the future,” Fishwild said. “It’s just really rewarding to raise them from when they’re little and get complements from others and be rewarded by the judge.”

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