Artist Bubba Sorensen works on the Jones County Freedom Rock. The rock will be unveiled next month.

Stone City

Work on Jones County’s Freedom Rock is underway in Stone City.

Artist Bubba Sorensen said he was excited to get the project underway.

“It’s the same with all of them. It’s nice to get them underway and start working toward the finish,” he said.

Each rock, though linked by the theme, is unique in its own right by utilizing the local history of each county.

“I wanted people to take the tour and see the state, not just focus in on this one, but to see this one and go, “I wonder what’s on the next one, and the next one,” he said.

As he gets more involved, Sorensen enjoys getting to know the history to determine what goes into the rock. Jones County’s rock will include the flag, a nod to local veterans and Grant Wood, who himself served in World War I painting camouflage on artillery. The rock in its entirety will be unveiled in early September, with Sept. 4 as a tentative date.

With it being summer, Sorensen’s son was along helping him paint the rock and said it was nice to have him along and assisting on the project.

“He puts in a lot of good hours for me,” he said.

Sorensen’s Iowa project is working its way toward the end, with Linn County to finish and a special 100th rock that will be auctioned off to go to a town that does not have a rock. Proceeds will go toward a veterans’ charity. His goal as he finishes in Iowa is to get a Freedom Rock in all 50 states.

Donations are needed for future enhancements to include: a pavilion to cover the rock, U.S. and Iowa Flags, lighting, flags for all military branches of service, static military equipment, dedication bricks, and informational kiosks in this park-like setting to make this a tourist attraction and an area of pride.

Dedication bricks are part of the fundraising efforts. Because we tend to think of something “carved in stone” as being permanent, substantial, and having considerable meaning, dedication bricks may be submitted for any individual, family, organization or “in memory of” forms are available at locations throughout the county.

It is hoped the wall for these bricks will be added next year.

Donations can be sent to: Jones County Freedom Rock, c/o Citizens Savings Bank, 215 E. Main St. — Anamosa, IA 52205. Checks can be made payable to Jones County Freedom Rock.

For more information or if you have any questions, call: Dennis Mulford: 319-462-0880 or Becky DirksHaugsted: 319-361-2728.

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