25 years ago – 1996

Democrat Bill Clinton retained the office of President of the United States following the general election Tuesday, Nov. 5. Clinton and vice-presidential running mate Al Gore were elected to their second terms in office. Clinton and Gore garnered 54.43 percentage of the vote in Jones County.

Fall storm conditions brought about high winds Tuesday, Oct. 29. The mobile home, located at the intersection of Highway 38 and 64, tipped over because of the storm. A shed at 306 South Linn Street, Anamosa, also was relocated by the winds.

50 years ago – 1971

Two juveniles got a surprise Thursday night when they stole a tank full of gas. The fuel didn’t prove to be gas but rather was diesel fuel, and the car wouldn’t start. Sheriff’s officers report that two juveniles on the night of Nov. 4 drove to the Bob Lemmer farm west of Monticello and stole a tank of fuel. The car wouldn’t start, so the juvenile pushed the car to the road and tried to siphon the fuel into the ditch. When this didn’t work, they abandoned the car and went to Monticello.

100 Years Ago – 1921

Arthur McCullough Post of the American Legion will be temporarily located in their own quarters within a few days. The boys have rented the upper story of the Metcalf building, commonly known as the Mystic Hall, for an indefinite period. A club room committee consisting of H. H. Gee, Harold Pelton and Lee Van Kirk are presently busy purchasing the necessary equipment for suitable and comfortable club rooms. Deals have already been made for a billiard table and a pool table, and these will be set up in the near future. Table, chairs and reading matter will be added at the discretion of the committee.

150 Years Ago – 1871

Marshal Meyers intimated that he would like to have us notice his new police badge, which he says was a present brought from New York City. We do so. It’s brassy—something like its owner.

We understand that thoughtless persons are in the habit of peeling bark from white oak trees in the cemetery grounds. This practice must be stopped, or the trespassers will be prosecuted.

“Men and their Whims”—Matilda Fletcher will speak on the above subject in Anamosa on the evening of Nov. 28. The lady has a high reputation in the West.

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