At the Dec. 14 meeting of the Jones County Board of Supervisors, Jones County Auditor Whitney Hein took supervisors through the proposed precinct maps during a public hearing to update the maps after the latest census.

Hein said the proposal largely stayed the same, though Monticello’s wards were updated and there was a slight shift in Anamosa’s precincts which shifted three blocks. The prior night, Anamosa had held their public hearing on the proposed new precinct boundaries, which the county helped map so precincts lined up with supervisor districts, and the ordinance laid out the new precinct. The precincts were divided along a line following the corporate boundary of the town and Circle Drive, down to Old Dubuque Road where it intersects with Main Street, that intersection with Jones Street to Cemetery Road, then to Elm Street where it intersects with the southern limit of Anamosa.

Both the City of Anamosa and the county approved a required reading of the new precincts and waived the other two readings.

In addition to the new precinct maps, Hein also had a few voting precinct agreements on the agenda for approval. Approved were agreements with the county and the City of Anamosa for Anamosa North/Cass Township and Anamosa South/Jackson Township to condense precincts for urban and rural voters and an agreement with the City of Cascade to allow those within the Richland/Washington townships to vote in Cascade. The cities will also need to approve those for them to be allowed.

The new maps will go into effect Jan. 15.

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