Four candidates are running for two open four-year terms on the council.


Name: Katherine L. Thornhill

Family: My husband, Curtis Thornhill, and I have 12 children and 22 grandchildren.

Why are you running? I have been on the council for the past year, and I enjoy getting to know our residents. I like to talk to them and get ideas of how the council can help make Onslow a safe and enjoyable place to live. I enjoy double-checking the finances to make sure that this city is financially stable. But most of all, I enjoy trying to help our community.

What is your background/experience? I am a retired supervisor of the Trinity Group Homes for disadvantage youth. I have owned my own business and am educated in financial areas, and I also have computer knowledge. I had no city council knowledge until I started on the council last year. But I have learned a lot about how city business works and how important it is to take into consideration of what the people of this town want for the community.

What do you hope to accomplish? I hope to accomplish to make this town safer for our children and residents. I hope to help any of the residents with problems or issues that can be rectified by the council.

What would you say to an undecided voter to convince them to vote for you? I would let them know that I am a truthful woman that is strong-minded and that every resident in this community is important to me. I would tell them that I am a council member that wants to listen to the people and represent them. I want to listen to them and hear any ideas that they may have for any improvements for our community. So, I would like your vote so they can be heard by the council.


Name: Brenda Bahnsen

Family: Two sons, Benjamin Devaney and Jordan Devaney

Why are you running? I previously was on city council and I want to make a difference in my community.

What is your background/experience? I was a previous council member until I moved. My experience at work has allowed me to be on various committees working with groups of people to attain a common goal.

What do you hope to accomplish? I would like to help keep our community financially independent. I would also like to add value to our town by cleaning up and making it more attractive for new businesses to be interested in coming here.

What would you say to an undecided voter to convince them to vote for you? I am always open to your suggestions and needs and I will do my best to represent all of us n our community.

Also running for a seat are: Randy Lange and Harold E. McCormick.

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