Two four-year seats are open on the council.


Bart Barner

Name: Bart Barner

Family: My wife Laura and I are raising our two sons Colton (7) and Jaxson (5)

Why are you running? I have enjoyed the past two years that I have been serving as councilman. I love representing Springville and our residents. I look forward to helping our little town prosper.

What is your background/experience? I started serving on the Planning and Zoning board until I decided to take a more active role. I began serving on the city council in February 2020 due to a vacancy.

What do you hope to accomplish? I would like to be able to see some of our existing projects through like Emmons Park. We have just approved to have a water study completed of our existing water infrastructure. I would also like to continue working on attracting commercial and residential growth.

What would you say to an undecided voter to convince them to vote for you? Shortly after I was appointed to the council, a pandemic plagued us, and the derecho damaged our town. I was able to be part of a team to help make the best decisions for Springville. I will continue to pursue what is best for Springville.


Tony Benton

Name: Tony Benton

Family: I am married to Jeni Benton, and she is from Springville. Together we have six kids: Cole, Game and Rachel Benton and JP, Nichole and Brett Kane.

Why are you running? I have lived in Springville now for four years and would love to help the city and my community out wherever I can, so I though this would be a great way. Plus, my dad worked for the City of Cumberland for 50 years, and I was able to help him and experience some of the roles as a city employee.

What is your background/experience? Before I moved to Springville, I lived in Belle Plaine where I was on the Park and Rec Board for several years. I work for and am part owner of a mechanical contractor in Cedar Rapids. Again, seeing my dad work for the city all those years, I have been able to see how a city operates.

What do you hope to accomplish? To help wherever is needed and possibly give a different opinion and views that would help our community grow and plan.

What would you say to an undecided voter to convince them to vote for you? I am not from Springville, and I don’t have a lot of connections with people or businesses in town. So, I will be a neutral person on the council. My vote will be for what I feel is needed to help Springville grow in the best way possible.


Richard Drake Jr.

Name: Richard E. Drake Jr.

Family: Wife, Donna Drake, two adult stepdaughters, Allison and Chloe Rudnick, and a son, Tyler Drake (7).

Why are you running? I would like to help this community grow and prosper.

What is your background/experience? I have lived in Springville for 10 years. I have served on church council for St. Isidore Church. I have worked for the past two years as a DTD salesman for ImOn Communications for Cedar Rapids. Also served for six years in Army Reserves.

What do you hope to accomplish? Bring new fresh ideas to this community help it continue to grow and make decisions that everybody can agree with.

What would you say to an undecided voter to convince them to vote for you? I will give 100% effort to help this community grow and be a community that all kinds of people want to live and raise their family in.


Bre Hinders

Name: Bre Hinders

Family: My husband Nate and I have two children, Brecken and Declyn. We have lived in Springville for seven years, and we love this small community and are excited to continue to raise our children here.

Why are you running? I want to help Springville to continue to grow to its fullest potential and to ensure that everyone feels like they have a voice.

What is your background/experience? I currently work for Collins Aerospace as a senior engineering assistant. I support a team of engineers and their manager on various tasks such as financials, staffing and reports. I have been in the accounting world for nine years.

What do you hope to accomplish? I hope to bring fresh ideas that would continue to benefit Springville and its residents and to help continue Springville’s growth.

What would you say to an undecided voter to convince them to vote for you? Your vote truly matters, and it is important that you are getting a chance to vote. One vote can make a difference.


Jason Hosek

Name: Jason Hosek

Family: Amy Hosek, Jonathan Hosek (20), Ethan Hosek (15), Jackson Hosek (9)

Why are you running? I have been living in Springville for five years and feel it is a great community and want to help it grow and be part of the decision making.

What is your background/experience? Elected and appointed positions: currently Springville Planning and Zoning, Garwin City Council 2003-2005, Tama Extension Council 1998-2005. Community and civic organizations: Garwin Lions Club, Iowa FFA Alumni board member, Anamosa Cub Scout, Jones County 4-H Youth Committee, youth coach for LLC and SYS. I have been a small business owner for many years, including a restaurant owner from 2000-2005, an agronomist and ag marketing consultant from 2008-2016 and currently as a licensed public insurance adjuster.

What do you hope to accomplish? I would like to guide the city through fiscal responsibility. Budging in a small town is unique as you want to provide all the amenities of larger communities. As a small community, the mayor, council and boards need to work together to help the community grow and volunteer more time than you would in larger communities. I also want to help the community to continue growing. I believe we are on a great path and believe there is great potential.

What would you say to an undecided voter to convince them to vote for you? I am running to be a leader for our community. I feel the city needs to grow and change but also needs to keep a small-town atmosphere that has made us want to raise our families here. I am ready to work hard and am always willing to listen to anyone’s thoughts and ideas.


Cindy Kilburg

Name: Cindy M. Kilburg

Family: Married 26 years to Scott and together are raising eight kids

Why are you running? I am running for city council because I feel the time is right! I’ve had a desire to participate in city happenings but have had to spend the bulk of my 23 years of living in Springville raising our family. With just one child left in high school, I feel I finally have the time and energy to invest in this commitment.

What is your background/experience? Besides being a wife and mom, I earned a BA in accounting from Mount Mercy University. I have spent the last nearly 25 years working in sales in the technology field. While I have no experience in city government, I do believe that I have the communication skills, listening skills, desire to learn and the ability to work together with a team to effectively serve our community. I also consider myself to be honest, hard working and not afraid of a challenge.

What do you hope to accomplish? I’m coming into this race with no hidden agendas. I am running for this position with a desire to learn more about our community, to serve its members to the best of my abilities and, hopefully, encourage others who have considered becoming more active in our community to do so.

What would you say to an undecided voter to convince them to vote for you? It was Springville’s strong sense of community that led us to settle here 23 years ago and raise a family and make this town our home. I would love the opportunity to serve the community that accepted us and help preserve that small town community feeling.

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