With the news that a federal judge had placed an injunction against the law passed by the Iowa Legislature banning mask mandates, the Springville school board decided not to adjust their policy at their Sept. 15 board meeting.

The reasoning behind the decision was twofold. There were a lot of unknowns about what the ruling meant, leaving many districts in a holding pattern, and there was uncertainty surrounding how long it would take for the issue to be worked out in the courts. Board members and administrators also said that they hadn’t had a ton of feedback from parents on the issue.

The issue was explained further in a letter sent to families after the meeting.

“At this time, the district will continue with face-coverings remaining a personal/parent’s choice. We will work with our attorneys to better understand what this injunction really entails, the length of time this injunction may be in place and various other questions we have about this ruling,” the letter said.

“It’s also important to note that even with this injunction, our data would not suggest a need to change the current protocols that we have in place. We will continue to monitor this data like we always have, but at this point, we are not planning to implement any changes in our current protocols. If conditions change, the board will reconvene and make additional decisions as they see fit in the best interest of all students.”

In other business, the board approved a facility use agreement with the Springville Wrestling Club for the use of part of the old elementary building as a wrestling room, discussed bus drivers and vehicles and discussed a joint meeting with the Lisbon school board for Sept. 22 to discuss the districts’ superintendent search.

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