Catriona Schmadeke joined the Anamosa school board as their new student representative for the first time Sept. 20.


Taking her seat as the student representative on the Anamosa school board for the first time at the Sept. 20 meeting, Catriona Schmadeke enjoyed the lively affair.

Schmadeke, a high school senior, said Anamosa High School Principal Erin Thompson approached her to see if it was something she’d be interested in.

“I wanted to accept because I think it’s really important that there’s a student voice on the school board, and someone can share an opinion,” she said.

Schmadeke is a member of the marching band, winter guard, soccer team, jazz band, National Honor Society and was recently involved in the National Council of Youth Leadership.

“I’m really interested in how it impacts students and activities that I’m involved in and students I know are involved in,” she said. “I want to learn more about what goes on behind the scenes and what goes on here.”

Schmadeke’s interest was piqued recently by the recent change that occurred to the fine arts field trip, which was shifted from New York to Florida due to coronavirus restrictions in the former state.

With her first meeting under her belt, Schmadeke is looking forward to what future meetings might hold.

“I’m excited to see what’s next,” she said.

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