Following discussion on the relaxation of security measures at the courthouse, departments at the Broadway Place Annex wanted direction on what they were supposed to do as the county continues to relax restrictions on county buildings during the June 29 meeting of the Jones County Board of Supervisors.

The building did not have cameras, and county officials wanted to install the same type of cameras that are utilized at the courthouse so they could be put on the same system.

“I’ve heard from employees up there that it would be nice to be able to use the cameras that are going to be by the entrances because nobody sits by the entrances,” Jones County Auditor Whitney Hein said, and cameras would allow them to be able to monitor their entrances.

Adding cameras would give something for law enforcement to review should an incident occur at the facility.

Cameras would not have sound and be able to be live viewed only by staff on-site. The cameras would also be strategically placed so as not to violate HIPAA rules.

The supervisors approved the addition of cameras at the building and allowed doors to remain locked until the cameras could be installed.

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