A farewell to Director Rebecca Vernon was held at the Anamosa Library and Learning Center Oct. 24, complete with refreshments. Vernon’s last day was Oct. 25 after seven years as the library director.


The community came out to the Anamosa Library and Learning Center on a cold and rainy Oct. 24 to say farewell to Director Rebecca Vernon before she leaves for Cedar Rapids to start her new position with the city as a public service librarian.

Vernon started as the library’s director back in 2014, and her last day at Anamosa’s library was Oct. 25. In her new role, Vernon said she’ll be doing a lot of the same things she did at Anamosa’s front desk, including helping with technology, evaluating the services provided by the library and reader advisory tasks.

“I was looking for new challenges. Even though Cedar Rapids is still a public library, it’s obviously a bigger size of library in a different town, and it’s going to provide its own unique challenges,” Vernon said. “I’ve learned a lot here over the last seven years, but I know there’s still a lot to learn. I think Cedar Rapids will give me that opportunity.”

As Vernon leaves, the library board has named children’s librarian Veronica Groesbeck as the interim director. A committee has been put together that will work to find Vernon’s replacement made up of library board members, representation of Friends of the Anamosa Library group, a city council representative and a library staff member.

As Vernon takes the next step in her career, she’s very thankful for being able to become a professional in her hometown and there was no doubt about what stood out during her seven years in the position.

“The people. I grew up in Anamosa. As a kid, you’re somewhat insulated. You learn the kids in your class and about your school,” she said. “So, it’s been really rewarding to come back and get to know Anamosa as a community as an adult and make connections with adults I knew growing up.”

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