MUG - Lee Hein

      On Wednesday, Gov. Branstad signed the corn check-off bill. It allows the corn check-off board to raise the check-off cap.

      Under the bill, the cap can be raised one cent with a referendum vote during the next five years. After five years, the cap can be raised another cent, totaling three cents. The raise must be voted on by the corn producers in order to take effect.

      To clarify, the bill simply allows the cap to be raised. The corn producers have to vote to actually raise it. The bill creates an Iowa Corn Check-off Task Force. I’m happy the governor has signed the legislation.

      These are the six budget bills that originate in the House. The other four budget bills originate in the Senate. At this time, the Senate hasn’t passed any of their four out of committee.

      I will continue to stick to my principles of not spending more than the state takes in, not intentionally underfunding entitlements. I won’t use one-time money for ongoing expenses, and I will return money back to the taxpayers.

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