It’s something I like to honor when it happens at Anamosa High School each and every year.

      But I will admit, I haven’t been able to write this column as much as I would have liked over much of the last decade.

      Celebrating four-year, four-sport athletes. They’re becoming more and more rare these days.

      Why? Good question.

      Is it because kids spend more time specializing in one sport?                         

       Could be.

      Is it because more and more kids are spending enormous amounts of time sitting in front of the TV playing video games?

      That, is the most likely scenario.

      While Anamosa has been lucky enough to have had several four-year, three-sport athletes, there was one who made it through her entire Blue Raider athletic career without missing a single season.

      Sophie Wilt.

      It takes a special dedication to the school and to each sport to be able to pull off a feat like this.

      Wilt is not only a very special athlete, earning all-conference honors in every sport she participated in (volleyball, basketball, track and softball), but she’s also a great person as well, as her Homecoming Queen honor proves.

      On top of everything else, Wilt is a winner.

      She came to Anamosa with the volleyball, basketball and softball programs struggling. But as she graduates and heads off to Luther College, where she plans on playing softball for the Norse, the Raiders are in a better place now than they were four years ago in every sport.

      Thank you Sophie Wilt for everything you have done for Blue Raider athletics. You have certainly left your mark at Anamosa High School, and that won’t soon be forgotten.

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