Iowa Democrats, we have the opportunity to add a proven leader to the U.S. Senate – an act critically needed in today’s world. Our best candidate is Admiral Michael Franken for the following reasons.

1) Franken’s values are both Democratic and democratic. He stands with every-day Americans on essential issues: climate change, voting rights, women’s rights, workers’ rights, rural development, the economy, health care and fair taxes. He understands that our country is at a crucial tipping point: continued Republican (Trump/right wing) policies will destroy this republic.

2) Franken will beat Senator Grassley! Franken will draw votes from: rural western Iowa where he was raised; military and former military voters; independents and frustrated Republicans who realize that Senator Grassley, at age 88, needs to retire.

3) Franken will be an effective senator from day 1, in representing Iowa and as a leader in the Senate. A three-star admiral, Franken commanded ships, led international task forces and served the Navy in Washington, D.C., where he developed working relationships with members of Congress.

Michael Franken came back home to Iowa after a distinguished career serving our country around the world. He now offers his experience, intellect and passion to Iowans.

Arlie Willems

Mount Vernon

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