1st District U.S. Representative Ashley Hinson recently voted against the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. The bill is designed to provide relief and support to Iowans, but Hinson calls it a Democrat spending bill and that it was 90% Washington Pork spending. Did Ms. Hinson actually read this bill or just listen to her party leadership?

The bill provides billions of dollars to speed up the distribution and administration of vaccines, aid for small business who have been the hardest hit, and support for the Department of Veterans Affairs. The bill also provides rental assistance for low income households and help for Iowans struggling to make mortgage payments. Additionally, it provides unemployment benefits and assistance with healthcare so laid off workers can remain on their employer’s health plans through September. Included is relief funding for K-12 schools, colleges and universities as well as state, local and tribal governments. Perhaps most noteworthy, it delivers tax breaks for households with and without children. A recent report states that the tax changes could reduce child poverty by 50%. What Ms. Hinson calls pork is much needed assistance to help many Iowans survive these troubling times.

As President Biden’s infrastructure legislation proceeds, let’s hope that the congresswoman will see the positive impact it can make in our lives and not vote against Iowan’s interests again.

Bob Gertsen

Oxford Junction

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