President Biden’s April 28th speech to the joint session of Congress laid out some traditional and needed considerations to continue American competitiveness for the future.

The United States should celebrate the 6% projected growth by the International Monetary Fund for the coming year. This is a result of positive collaboration between the public and private sector.

The U. S. Federal government has played a major role in several historic infrastructure developments which ensured greater economic and social success. Some previous infrastructure achievements include: public education, interstate highway system, internet and others. The time has come to make that investment again.

The United States for several decades has been “slow” to make “big” infrastructure investments. Today, the United States citizens are facing significant global trade challenges and increasing changes in the work world with technological developments. As a result of the emerging changes, it is important to invest in areas beyond roads and bridges. Some of the expanded infrastructure investments should include: increase federal support for community colleges to enhance training for high skills jobs, increase support for child care to provide greater opportunities for women to be in the work world, enhance internet access 35% for rural residents who do not have reliable internet service.

One tool to pay for the proposed investments is to tax individuals earning more $400,000 annually at 39% which is the individual tax rate when George W. Bush entered the presidency. Iowa’s congressional delegation needs to ensure that Iowans are competitive economically and socially for the 21st century context.

Kyle Gassman


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