This letter enthusiastically endorses Andy McKean, Democratic candidate for House District 58.

Andy is smart, knowledgeable of the challenges Iowans face and independent minded.

We met in law school 40 years ago, and I was immediately intrigued by Andy’s intense pride in an impressive array of Jones County McKean ancestors dating back to the mid-1800s.

As Jones County attorneys, Andy and I often opposed each other, in and out of court. Andy represented his clients zealously while always searching for the appropriate resolutions. I never questioned Andy’s integrity. When he gave his word, you could count on it.

Andy brings this same level of integrity, commitment and desire to seek solutions to his work in Des Moines. It does not take long to learn that no one owns Andy. He is guided by his common sense, thorough knowledge of the issues at hand and a continual desire to make Iowa a better place in which to live and thrive.

Andy’s Iowa roots go back 175 years. He lives Iowa values through and through. House District 58 cannot do better than Andy McKean.

Nick Strittmatter


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