Shortly after being elected to serve my first term in the Iowa legislature, I received an invitation from State Representative Andy McKean to join him and his wife at his home for a cup of coffee. This kind gesture caught me off guard. Why? Because it was an overture of hospitality coming from a member of the opposing party.

I didn’t expect it at the time, but this cup of coffee eventually led to me submitting my very first bill in the Iowa Legislature, a bi-partisan bill, co-signed by none other than Rep. McKean. As members of opposing parties, we worked together to make emergency supplies of insulin available to Iowans. This began a shared journey of advocacy for lowering the cost of prescription drugs and making sure that all Iowans had access to affordable healthcare.

Shortly after this experience of working with Rep. Andy McKean, I co-founded the first in Iowa’s history, bi-partisan, bi-cameral caucus of legislators under the age of 40. When Rep. Andy McKean heard the news, he teased me that he would just have to found a bi-partisan, bi-cameral caucus of legislators over the age of 70!

This is a perfect depiction of Andy McKean. He is decent and good. Partisan politics have never been a driver for Rep. Andy McKean. What motivates Andy is helping people; it’s the well-being of his constituents and our state; it’s the future of our kids and our grandkids.

We don’t need more partisan attack ads. We need decent and good public servants like Andy McKean.

Lindsay James

Representative for Iowa House District 99

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