Racism is all around us Editor:

“The U.S. is not a racist country,” Sen. Tim Scott said that as part of the Republican response to President Biden’s speech last Wed. night.

Really? I could not believe he said such a thing. That makes one think that, it must be a result of drinking the Republican Kool-Aid! It is time to be honest, to speak the truth, to speak up, speak out about racism, promoted by hundreds of years of white privilege and white supremacy.

Racism is all around us; is damaging to all of us; hurtful, and destructive to our society, culture and our country! I have had people say to me, how come we don’t hear racism addressed in our churches, or by the clergy in the media, etc.

The fear of losing their power, and control and money are high on the list, fear of consequences, controversy and physical abuse, a close second!

We all have to take all of this very serious, and address it whenever and where ever we are given the opportunity! Now, is the right time to do all we can; if each of us will do our part; change is possible! Yes, it could take a long time, probably, but racism has been with us a very long time, already.

We have little to lose and a lot to gain by working for this change!

Marilyn Gray


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