I’m writing this unsolicited letter in support of the re-election of Andy McKean to the Iowa House of Representatives. After watching the devolution of politics in Iowa and the nation, I wish to express my respect and admiration for your state representative, Andy McKean.

I served parts of Jasper and Polk counties in both the house and senate with Rep. McKean. We were of opposing parties at the time. However, that made little difference, for we worked together to accomplish some landmark legislation for Iowans. An example, we passed REAP, Iowa’s national award-winning conservation and natural resource protection program, utilizing Rep. McKean’s legal skills and devotion to soil and water conservation, protection and enhancement.

It was always obvious to our colleagues that Andy McKean was a “common sense” legislator, and his votes on issues were well considered before each was cast. I was always impressed by his communication skills and marveled at his ability to get along with members and staff of both parties and worked tirelessly for his constituents.

So, this coming election, I’m urging voters to support the re-election of Representative Andy McKean, your conscientious “voice in state government.”

Senator Dennis Black, retired


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