Over the last five years, I have had the pleasure of working very closely with John Schlarmann while he served as a member of the Monticello Community School Board. His experience as a board member, and now as the board president, has really allowed his leadership skills to shine. In his time as a school board member, he has definitely shown that he can really make a difference in the community.

As a school board member, John has always been a representative of the Monticello community. He really does his research to get a better understanding of situations that come up. When the board has to make a tough decision, John will always patiently listen to the ideas of others in an open-minded way and take that into consideration before sharing his opinion and then making a final decision.

In John’s time on the school board, he has been involved with, and supported, several big issues such as school safety, mental health, facilities improvements and the development of a strategic operating plan. John has brought many valuable insights to the table for discussion and consideration related to these issues. If John became a Jones County Supervisor, I am sure he would approach issues in an open-minded and problem-solving way, just as he has done with his time on the school board for the last several years.

I sincerely hope that you give consideration to these important points when you cast your vote on November 3rd.

Brian Jaeger


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