After a recent trip through the Stone City area, we drove by and stopped at the historical Stone School, also known as the Community Building.

Since we had a working relationship and spent many hours of maintenance and planning and implementing functions such as the annual Coon Feed and auction, I know what shape, condition the building was in, both inside and out. It had cracks and falling plaster form upstairs walls and ceilings, rotting window frames, mold in the basement, deteriorating foundation and ill-fitting exterior walls allowing rodents in. I know this is true as I served on the board for three years as president, retiring in 2014. The grounds are a visual eyesore as well.

This historical school educated many, some who are on the board now. There are residents with fond memories of what the school, “community building” used to be like, with holiday parties, carnivals, Stone City Day and food baskets for those less fortunate, not to mention years of hosting the annual Coon Feed and auction.

As the school sits now, is this what you want to present to tourists who use the river and dine there? it is time now that car loads of fall foliage viewers will be through your village. Residents should be proud and put your best foot forward to showcase your history. Your community was chosen out of all Jones County to be bestowed upon to have such a treasure as the Freedom Rock to be painted for all to see.

Stone City is a unique village with rich history. Do not let the stone school become another stone building to succumb like the others with only foundations showing. Hopefully, you can start a conversation and find someone who has the means and know-how to save this building and its history.

James Carpenter and Vivian Moore


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