Time is running out. The school voucher bill (referred to as a Student Savings Account) has passed the Iowa Senate and is now in the Iowa House, despite a tremendous outcry of opposition. Even Senator Carrie Koelker admitted that she could not read all of the thousands of emails flooding her inbox. Senator Koelker, along with Senator Dan Zumbach, have failed to listen to their constituents.

The Student Savings Account proposal is simply - use tax dollars to support private schools! No matter what spin Republicans put on this proposal, or as the Des Moines Register says “put lipstick on a pig,” a majority of the per pupil tax dollars would go to a private accredited school (of any type). The long-standing principle that the funding of our public schools is the responsibility of “all” citizens is certainly in jeopardy with this bill.

Our only hope is that Representatives Lee Hein and Steve Bradley listen to their constituents and vote against this ridiculous attempt to siphon much needed tax dollars from our already financially strapped public schools. Only you can make this happen. Please call or write today to express your opposition to this so-called Student Savings Accounts.

Here’s how you can contact your representative in Jones County:

Lee Hein

State Representative

Republican, District 96

Legislative email: lee.hein@legis.iowa.gov

Home email: heinlee@gmail.com

Home address: 17358 County Rd E-16, Monticello, IA 52310

Cell Phone: 319-480-1997

Capitol Phone: 515-281-3221

Steve Bradley

State Representative

Republican, District 58

Home address: 812 Maquoketa Dr SE, Cascade, IA 52033

Cell phone: 563-590-0845

Tony Amsler


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