This is for all for all my Democratic Trump supporter friends. Two years ago, Andy McKean ran as a Republican and was swept into office on the coattails of Donald Trump. A year into his second term, McKean put on a full-scale showboat press conference declaring his disdain for President Trump and changed political parties. He returned some campaign money, at least to a couple of the county Republican parties, but chose not to return funds to individuals or the over $115,000 he received from the Republican Party of Iowa. The irony is, in 2018, Mr. McKean talked about how he thought campaigns cost too much money and even agreed with his opponent on campaign finance. Switch to 2020 – Mr. McKean has no issues with raising lots of campaign funds today, including receiving almost 40% of his campaign funds from out of state (source – committee report Iowa Election and Campaign Disclosure Board).

After his move, he received several letters from former angry Republican supporters. Most politicians would roll with the punches and ignore the comments received and move on. That is called taking the high road. Instead, Mr. McKean chose to go to Democratic fundraisers and talk all about the negative letters he received.

Mr. McKean still does not take the high road to this day. In fact, if you have not had the opportunity, please find the Candidate Forum sponsored by the Jackson County Farm Bureau that took place on September 23rd in Maquoketa. Mr. McKean continually attacked his opponent for “negative” campaigning. Please check your facts, Mr. McKean. Every ad or political mailing includes footnotes where all factual information can be found. The fact is, you tell your constituents one thing and then act in another way in the legislature. It is time for a change. Please vote for Dr. Steve Bradley to represent us on or before November 3rd.

Monica J. McHugh


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