What is the monetary value of a tree? A tree that is full of life, healthy, thriving, over 100 years old. How about hundreds of other trees in various stages of growth, ranging from a few years to more than 100 years?

These trees were on the property of Remley Woods Park on North Williams Street that were bulldozed down this recent week. They were on property left to the city of Anamosa by Howard and Betty Remley to be used as a timbered city park. This park is forever changed.

I spoke with the Remleys years ago when the property was donated for use as a park. One of their conditions with the donation was the park would remain as a natural area, full of trees and wildlife. It was never to be developed or built on.

Fast forward to Friday October 8, 2021. The heavy equipment came in, and the trees on the north side, hundreds were taken down. My heart ached for the Remley couple. The following days the destruction continued. Huge piles of trees stacked awaiting removal from their once peaceful park.

“A beautiful park” some recent RAGBRAI campers said. So full of awesome trees and so well kept. The city was lucky to have such an area.

I feel the city residents were misled when the city council voted to place the new well on the park property, never was it stated hundreds of trees would be removed and the appearance of the park would be changed so drastically.

Was a state certified arborist brought in to advise the best path to ensure the least amount of damage was done to the timber and save some of the trees that have been there for generations? Or was the contractor instructed to just take them down?

I encourage Anamosa residents to drive up to Remley Woods and walk around. Look at the destruction and contact your council member and the mayor. You were not informed fully the results of their decision to place the well at the park.

Tracy McCarty


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