The Linn County Sheriff’s Office has received several reports of phone scammers using actual names of sheriff’s office employees and advising the victims that they have missed jury duty or they have an outstanding warrant for their arrest, the office said in a press release. The victims are further told that they can take care of the warrant or fine(s) by submitting a payment over the phone. Some victims have then been directed to come to the Sheriff’s Office after they have made payment in an effort to make the phone scam appear to be legitimate.

If you get a phone call similar to this, be advised this is a scam and you will be out your money. A law enforcement agency will never request payment in this manner to avoid prosecution for a fine, citation or arrest warrant by soliciting money. Should you receive a call similar to this just hang up. Do not send money over the phone in an attempt to take care of a fine or warrant to keep from going to jail.

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