Thankfully, the Anamosa high school program is filled with that unique brand of athlete, as 17 Raiders competed in the bullseye event while 16 also took part in the 3D shoot, which were both still virtual tournaments due to COVID.

      Anamosa posted their scores Saturday, May 1, toeing the line inside the middle school gym and then waited until the rest of the country tallied their scores, which were due Sunday, May 9.

      When all the results finally came through, the Raiders once again had some of the best scores in the entire country.

      “We had lots of exceptional scores for many archers,” said Anamosa Schools archery coach Chad Machart, who saw his daughter Lilly as well as Kaylin Heims qualify to shoot at the World 3D tournament after outstanding performances May 1.

      “They showed up to do well, and they did. Lilly had a rough round in bullseye, but came right back and finished strong. That is not how she would have done in the past. Our coaches were impressed she was able to do that. Lilly didn’t do what she had hoped, but enjoyed the day and had fun.”

      Machart, who has proven time and again to be one of the top high school archers on the planet, finished with a 288 score in the National 3D shoot that placed her 30th among all 1,842 girls competing from around the country, and was ninth against a field of 153 high school senior girls.

      Shea Keister turned in the second-best 3D score on the Anamosa team firing a 282 effort that placed him 135th in the nation out of 2,173 archers competing which was also 34th among all high school sophomore boys.

      Heims, just a freshman, finished with a 280 performance that allowed her to advance to the World tournament with Machart placing 109th among all girls and 14th against a field of 205 freshman girls.

      Jenna Eidel-Matula also counted towards the Anamosa team score of 1,646, that placed the Raiders 41st out of the 102 teams competing in 3D, while Dominic Haas (263) and Hogan Bowman (260) also turned in counting scores for the Raiders.

      Lilian Spores (257), Brianna Howard (254), Carson Bright (254), Aubree Osberg (252), Mickala Herrick (252), Hunter Ieronimo (246), Summer Winekauf (245), Drew Uthoff (226), Xavyn Helgens (218) and Emma Faust (209) also competed for the Anamosa team at the National 3D tournament.

      Hartland (Michigan) claimed not only the 3D high school National team championship finishing with a score of 1,742, but Justin Miller also won the individual title firing a 297 for the Michigan school tying with Locust Grove’s (Oklahoma) Maddox Parks.

      Anamosa opened their day May 1, firing a 3,225 team score in the National bullseye tournament, led by a score of 284 from Machart that was 222nd among all 7,307 girls competing and 47th against a field of 550 high school senior girls.

      Heims posted the No. 2 bullseye score on the team and 43rd-best effort in the country against all 791 freshman girls while Haas added a 279.

      Bright finished with a 277 performance that placed him 151st among all 567 freshman boys while Keister (274), Herrick (272), Eidel-Matula (271), Howard (267), Bowman (265), Spores (254), Osberg (250) and Uthoff (249) all counted in the team scoring.

      Ieronimo (249), Winekauf (239), Helgens (234), Christian Hudson (217) and Faust (205) also competed in the bullseye event.

      Hartland also won the bullseye team title finishing with a 3,459 score that edged Bullitt Central (3,451), of Kentucky by eight points.

      The bullseye National tournament saw a rare perfect score as well, with Nathaniel Harper, of Maysville, Ohio, firing a sizzling 300 that topped all 15,683 archers.

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