Support LGQBTIA+ CommuniityRepublican state lawmakers have sent a bill to ban gender-affirming health care to the governor’s office to be signed into law. As of this writing, Governor Reynolds hasn’t commented on whether she will sign the bill into law, according to the Gazette (March 9). In a related Gazette story (March 9) Minnesota Governor Tim Walz issued an executive order protecting access to gender-affirming care. The “order aims to make Minnesota a refuge for people seeking health care designed to affirm their gender identity by protecting patients and providers from extradition orders and keeping their data private” (Gazette, March 9, 7A).

Read that again because writing it makes my head spin. Is this real or is this some kind of nightmare? I thought health care AND health care privacy were things we can count on. We have to sign papers to give permission for others to have access to our health records. If a ban on gender-affirming health care is law, “individuals could bring lawsuits against doctors who perform gender-affirming care” (Gazette, March 9, 7A). So “Iowa nice” Iowans could attack (sue) medical providers for providing medical care?

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