Mount Vernon had 36 Division I ratings and four Division II ratings at the State Individual Speech contest at North Scott High School in Eldridge Saturday, March 11. All-State nominations were not known at press deadline.

Earning Division Is for Mount Vernon were: Anna Vavricek, original oratory “A World Without Women;” Ashlynn Carter-Shook in prose with “This is Why I’ll never be an adult;” Audrey Tucker in after dinner speaking with “Vampires Anonymous;” Claire Gaffney in storytelling with “You are Special” and spontaneous speaking; Cyrus Johnson in expository address with “North vs. South;” Dallas Olberding in poetry with “Time for Love;” Isabella Hasley in solo improvisation; Kayleigh Kirton in solo improvisation and radio news announcing; Lillian Bishop in acting with “A Psychopath;” Luke Stephens in radio news announcing; Lydia Benesh in acting with “How Many Children Had Lady Macbeth and solo musical theatre with “When he Sees Me;” Megan Teague in poetry with “Tulips;” Michael Briesemeister in prose with “Secret Life of Walter Mitty” and public address with “The Arrogance of Power;” Milo Ollinger in after dinner speaking with “Eulogy to my Speech Coach” and acting in “When Harry Met Sally;” Natalie Thuerauf in public address with “A Whisper of Aids;” Penelope Vig in after dinner speaking with “A Guide to High School” and spontaneous speaking; Renee Vig in original oratory with “Roller Derby” and reviewing with “5SOS5;” Sierra Snyder in original oratory with “Flip the Switch;” Summer Bowie-Smith in reviewing with “The Midnight Club;” Tori Oelrich in poetry with “Trivialities;” Ty Panos in solo musical theatre with “Hard to be the Bard;” Allie Teague in acting with “Birthday Burrito;” Cait O’Connor in solo improvisation and poetry with “Boys, Liars, and Three Months;” Claire Thuerauf in poetry with “Four Seasons;” ; Mae Krapfl in after dinner speaking with “Youngest Sibling Support Group” and reviewing with “Tiny Towns;” Norah Weber in solo musical theatre with “Not for the Life of Me” and poetry with “The Story of Love.”

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