On Thursday, Nov. 18, the Alburnett Community Historical Society invited Doug Dabroski to speak with the seventh and eighth grade Alburnett classes about his time serving as a marine in the Vietnam War. Dabroski brought along clothing from his service and photo albums documenting his time overseas for students and guests to view.

Dabroski detailed his experience in boot camp in San Diego to his time on the frontlines in Vietnam. Students were able to hold the boots he wore abroad, the vest he and his fellow servicemembers wore to protect themselves from shrapnel, and an example of the ponchos that were used in the jungles.

His service may have been years ago, but Dabroski was able to tell story after story, prompting numerous questions from the students both throughout his presentation and at the end of the event. In just an hour, students were able to gain a deeper understanding of the trials Vietnam veterans went through and what it means to be a veteran.

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