CPU and Benton squared off in an ole' fashioned slugfest that Benton was able to win 10-0.

The game was hard fought with the score tied at 3-0 until late in the fourth quarter when Benton intercepted a CPU pass inside the CPU 10-yard line. They scored two plays later to finish the scoring.

CPU was led by a strong defensive effort as well as 152 yards rushing by junior Cole Werner.

Senior Collin Hoskins led the defense in 13 total tackles.

Individual stats include: rushing – Cole Werner 23/152, Aaron Kramer ½, Collin Hoskins 1/1 and Braylon Havel 6/-34; passing – Braylon Havel 9-20 74 yards, two interceptions; receiving – Chase Hotchkiss 2/34, Gavin Brincks 2/14, Collin Hoskins 2/13, Braylon Havel 1 for 2, Tucker Clark 1/9, Aaron Kramer 1/2; tackles – Collin Hoskins 10, Kanon Tupa and Ryan Barth six, Aaron Kramer, Cole Werner and Ethan Kress four, Kyle Kress three, Drew Johannes and Conner Mathis two, Tyler Bark one; sacks – Collin Hoskins two.

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