Keely Franck CPU soccer

Jaden Benesh North Linn track

This week we are recognizing two athletes who exemplify the term doing whatever is asked.

Keely Franck, a senior at CPU, is the kind of kid every team wants to have. She’s a leader on and off the field, this is not only with what she says but more importantly with her actions. Keely jumps at the chance to demonstrate drills, be first in line, and is often the first and last person to leave the practice or game field.

Head coach Kevin Schmidt said, “These are just a couple reasons why Keely is now a two-time team captain as a senior.” We, her coaches, see she knows what to do when on the field and believe it is her way of indicating to us, she feels she could help our team more. Overall, Keely has a great passion for the game, for learning, and for her teammates. Some things we want all of our players to have.”

The past couple weeks Keely has been playing exceptionally well on the field too. She is a great team player, evidenced in one of their recent matches when she had 5 assists. Keely keeps it modest too, often coming off the field when being substituted out stating she doesn’t know what she’s doing.

Jaden Benesh, is another athlete that will give you all she has and will step up to any challenge put in front of her.

Jaden is currently on four ranked relay teams, and has qualified for the state track meet in her freshman and junior years.

“Jaden is a senior this season for us, she comes every day with a great attitude. She is a strong leader for us. She encourages others to work hard and is very supportive.” said co-head coach Bob Mudd.

Q & A with Keely & Jaden:

What is the best part about competing?

Keely: Competition is the opportunity to see results from the hard work you have dedicated to your team, program, and yourself. I love competing to perform, see results, and have fun!

Jaden: I’m in three relays with my sister. I’ve loved competing with her and seeing our relay with other teammates be successful.

What is your favorite sports quote?

Keely: “There may be people who have more talent than you, but there’s no excuse for anyone to work harder than you.” — Derek Jeter

Jaden: “You must not only have competitiveness but ability, regardless of the circumstance you face, to never quit.” — Abby Wambach

How does being an athlete make you a better person?

Keely: Being an athlete and a part of a team has brought me leadership, communication, and teamwork skills, which are skills that can be applied throughout all of life.

Jaden: It has taught me to be determined to accomplish all the goals I set for myself and to never give in when I fail.

What is in your gym bag that might surprise people?

Keely: 8 colors of pre wrap so I can wear whatever color I am feeling that day!

Jaden: A brown sugar Pop Tart. Anyone who knows me knows I always have one of these.

How do you want your teammates to remember you?

Keely: I want my teammates to remember me as a friend and leader. I hope my teammates take away knowledge from me, but more importantly I hope they remember me for the way I treated them and my contribution to the team.

Jaden: I want my teammates to remember me as supportive, hardworking, and someone who always likes to have fun.

Who inspired you as a young athlete?

Keely: As a young athlete I wasn’t big into professional sports or professional athletes. However, I remember being inspired by the high school girls I would watch playing sports. I always dreamed of playing varsity one day and being like the “big girls.”

Jaden: Nicole Miller. I remember watching her compete as a kid and I always knew I wanted to make it to the Blue Oval like her.

What one word that describes you, and why?

Keely: Committed. I believe that success begins with commitment, and with commitment, anything is possible.

Jaden: Selfless. I feel like I’m always looking out for my teammates and other people. I have done what it takes to make my team successful and have put the team’s success over my own.

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