Marion Independent reveals new mascot design

The Marion Independent School District (MISD) revealed the direction they are taking with their new mascot, the Marion Wolves on Monday, June 28, at the school board meeting. The specific image shown may not be the final version of the school’s symbol, however the board did approve the contract with Thilges Design for the logo. The school board is expected to officially approve the final mascot image at its meeting July 12.

Mike Manderscheid, activities director and chair of the Mascot Committee, explained how the group came to recommend this particular logo. The committee had been working with VIP Branding and had exchanged several ideas when Jennifer Thilges, the high school art teacher, approached him. She asked if he would consider a design she and her husband had come up with, under their company’s name, Thilges Design. Manderscheid agreed, and took the image back to the Mascot Committee, where they all liked it. The committee continues to work with VIP to make sure there are no legal issues or ramifications if the district goes with the Thilges Design logo.

The contract states between Thilges Design and the school district states MISC will purchase “all rights, titles, and interests in and to the logo concepts set out in [this packet], including all rights, titles, and interests in any copyrights, trademarks, and service marks or any other proprietary right, whether arising under the laws of the United State or any other country” for the cost of $500. MISD will, like most districts, trademark the final image, as copyrighting involves legal fees and the responsibility of the district to track whether other entities are using the logo and to take legal action if they are.

In support of the new mascot, Hills Bank has offered to purchase new t-shirts for the district, with the new mascot on them. Hills would also like to have their small logo on the front, most likely on one of the shoulders. The number of shirts and who will receive them has not been determined, but the board approved superintendent Janelle Brouwer exploring the opportunity further. It was suggested that perhaps the shirts could be for the district’s teachers and staff as a way to thank them for the work done this year.

The district decided in October to no longer use “Indians” as its team nickname, a name used since the 1920s.

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