Marion middle school principal slimed

Seventy Francis Marion Intermediate (FMI)students raised $5,766 for the American Heart Association (AHA) through the Kids Heart Challenge, a program for elementary students to learn how to take care of their hearts. In total, FMI, Starry Elementary and Longfellow Elementary schools contributed a total of $20,000 for AHA. Principal Mike Murphy and physical education teacher Joe Fontenot (not pictured) agreed to let the best sellers of each class slime them as a treat for the money raised. Three schools in the Marion Independent School District raised over $20,000 dollars, combined, for the American Heart Association, while learning about heart healthy behaviors and helping others be heart healthy. The 70 participating students at Francis Marion Intermediate (FMI) raised $5,766; the 60 participating students at Starry Elementary earned $9,098; and the 60 participating students at Longfellow Elementary earned $5,755.