When I think of a farmers market I think of fresh produce, like asparagus, tomatoes, carrots, radishes, and lettuce. I was pleasantly surprised to find a wide variety of different handmade soaps, chapsticks, body scrubs, water bottles, hand warmers, and even fresh bakery items at the Marion Farmers Market.

I bought body butter from Katahdin Hair Sheep that smells like lavender. This body butter was made from grass fed natural lamb tallow and many other vitamins and oils. This vendor sells at the market every Saturday and all her products are handmade. She makes body soaps that have little flowers inside the soap making them very cool to look at.

Another of the vendors I visited sold handmade rice bags. These fun rice bags can be put in the microwave to act as a hand warmer or be stored in the freezer to be used as an ice pack. The vendor mentioned using them in his pockets while shoveling snow in the winter. These rice bags were made with a variety of different patterns and colors.

Locust Grove Farm Co. was another amazing vendor with handmade shampoo and conditioner bars as well as, body scrubs, deodorant and lip balm. Everything they sell is sustainable and handmade. I bought a small reusable exfoliating soap pouch that is meant to hold soap and be used as a washcloth. From personal experience this is a great way to have your bathroom smelling great and keep your soap bar from constantly falling off your shower ledge. To go into the small bags they also sell handmade soap that smells like fresh flowers and looks great. They make and sell all of their products and are at the farmers market almost every Saturday.

Overall, the Marion Farmers Market at Taube Park in Marion, from 8-11 AM, is a great place to go to buy fresh vegetables and handmade products all while supporting local businesses. I had so much fun walking around and talking to people about where they grow their produce or how they make their handmade products. Whether you go to buy, talk to the vendors, or just to look around it is a great experience. I hope to see you there next weekend.

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