The Iowa Children’s Choice Award books for 2021 — 2022 have started arriving at Cole Library. This award is sponsored by the Iowa Association of School Librarians. The award is unique in that it gives children an opportunity to choose the book to receive the award and to suggest books for the yearly reading list.

The purpose of the award is to encourage children to read more and better books, to encourage children to discriminate in choosing worthwhile books, to provide an avenue for positive dialogue between teacher, parent and children about books and authors, and to recognize those who write quality books for children.

Books chosen for the master list are those written by American authors within the last five years.

This concept has been expanded to include picture books for our youngest readers (called the Goldfinch Award) and also for teens (called Iowa Teen Award).

At Cole Library we support young readers and school libraries by ordering all of the books nominated for these three awards. We hope that both parents and children will check out these books to read and talk about. Since the new books have recently been announced, you have plenty of time to have your own contest. Have family members read and vote on what they think should be the next winners. The 2020-21 winners are on display on the library’s first floor. Cole Library is located on the south side of Cornell’s campus up Library Lane. So, get involved and get reading — it can be a family affair.

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