Theres something truly special about animated movies a magic that comes when art and storytelling meet on the big screen. This is especially true for the movies coming out of the Irish animation studio Cartoon Saloon. Cole Library now has the first two movies in its award-winning Irish Heritage trilogy: The Secret of the Kells and Song of the Sea. Each movie uses hand-drawn animated to highlight and evoke key elements within the storys plot and setting. The Secret of the Kells (NR) uses the gorgeous calligraphic style of the actual Book of Kells to tell the story of Brendan, a young monk living in remote, medieval Ireland. After becoming the apprentice to a master illuminator, Brendan embarks on a dangerous quest to find a magical relic and save his masters book and his Abbey from destruction. In Song of the Seas (G), the animation style weaves together the legend of the Selkies and the powerful magic of nature to tell the story of siblings Ben and Saoirse. After discovering that Saoirse is the last seal-child on earth, the duo go on an epic journey to rescue the magical world from the clutches of owl witch Macha. Brimming with the love of family and the strength of friendship, both movies are true gems in the collection of animated films at Cole Library. You can check them out on DVD or Blu-ray through our Curbside Pickup program.

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