Out of Many, One is the title of a new book by former President George W. Bush. Though he had vowed to stay out of politics after leaving office, he was discouraged by the tone and rhetoric happening around immigration. He decided to reenter politics in an unusual way- by writing this book. He hopes to remind and reeducate Americans of what immigration has meant and will continue to mean to our nation’s success. After all, we are a nation of immigrants.

The title comes from the Latin words printed on American currency. On the Great Seal of the United States are the words E. Pluribus Unum – “Out of Many, One.” This motto adopted by Congress in 1782 refers to our country’s citizens who come from many countries around the world but follow their dreams and become Americans. The book highlights the stories of 43 immigrants who have come from 35 countries and are making a positive impact on our nation. The vibrant paintings that accompany each biography were also created by George W. Bush. In a recent interview President Bush shared that after reading Winston Churchill’s book Painting as a Pastime, he thought: I can do this too. He started taking lessons and he has been painting everyday for 9 years. You can hear this interview at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RgBCdTbdMGU.

These immigrants, like many, have left war torn countries, dire circumstances, political unrest, and other adverse conditions — leaving everything behind and starting over in America. After reading this book you will come away with a greater appreciation of the complexity of immigration issues, what it means to be an immigrant, and how the greatness of America comes from all of its citizens.

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