The year 2020 sure didn’t turn out like anybody expected. Both Jody of Mount Vernon Hair Company and Linda of the Hair Studio were looking forward to a milestone year, with Jody celebrating 40 years of service and Linda celebrating 30 years of service.

Both anniversaries went by quietly as they managed to survive the pandemic year. With the safety of customers always on their minds, they did a mini makeover inside to keep 6 feet from each other, yet still keep room for a third stylist to join them.

“The support of our customers has been above and beyond amazing in this past year,” said Jody. “And we look forward to doing all that we can to accommodate you lovely people that bless us daily.”

Along with a little renovation inside, the duo had the outside of their building repainted, finishing a three-year renovation to the studio.

Jody and Linda offer a full-service hair salon and sell a wide range of products.

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