Mount Vernon Investment Center has weathered the pandemic year, just like everyone else.

“2020 was a frightening year for all of us,” said Shelley Woodley of Mount Vernon Investment Center. “Lockdowns, daily news conferences, businesses closed due to the virus, shortages of beef and other staples, and then top it off with a derecho, all which caused us to retreat into our homes and make the best of it.”

Woodley said that what has been important guidance for the Mount Vernon Investment Center and the message they’ve reiterated to their clients – the importance of having a plan for all the curves life will throw at you. Emergency plans for handling natural disasters, financial plans to help address job losses and having an end-of-life plan to help your loved ones have one less worry to fret about in their own lives, including establishing a will and a medical directive is important for people in all stages of their lives.

“I have met with many of my clients doing a regroup and evaluating if they are invested according to what their risk tolerance is NOW,” Woodley said. “This last year gave us a good opportunity to test our investments in a crisis.”

Aside from weathering those storms and changes, there has been one happy change at Mount Vernon Investment Center this year – Alex Demanett’s last name has changed to Alex Hansen. Alex and Tyler were married Aug. 1, 2020. Alex continues to learn about the business and as a client services director, has been a calm and pleasant force in the Mount Vernon Investment Center office, accommodating clients with her easy manner.

Woodley said that as people continue to receive vaccinations, she has been happy to once again safely meet with our clients in person and not depend on a phone call or zoom meeting.

“It feels like a reunion each time we meet with someone for the first time in a year, and has made us appreciate the joy of human interaction and appreciate the people we serve,” Woodley said.

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