School has returned to be in session for another year.

Returning to in-person classes brings a return to bells and buses — a regular schedule. Yet there is with a huge swath of unknowns as to what this year will bring for students and staff.

We know teachers and administrators have given a lot of thought and care with the decisions they have made in making sure schools can meet in person this year, even though local control has been stripped of them in several areas.

As a community, we need to respect and follow the guidelines and requests in place at these schools as much as possible to help keep students and staff safe. Since Mount Vernon strongly recommends masks if you are visiting the school buildings, always have one handy if you have a reason related to school or education you’re visiting the building.

The other item that August is a part of is national immunization awareness month. One of the things so many schools have required over the years is the need for proof of vaccinations from the measles, mumps and rubella viruses at the kindergarten level, as well as the diptheria and tetanus vaccinations. It’s one of those things unless one has significant underlying health conditions that helps to bolster the herd immunity that has helped keep some of these most severe viruses at bay. In recent years, with some people forgoing vaccinations, there have been cases that have flared up at locations across the country impacting areas where people might not be vaccinated flare up.

If you or your child haven’t been vaccinated from COVID-19, there’s always time as well to get that shot. Many shots have been turned down in the state because there hasn’t been the need or requests for the vaccine. If you’re upset or scared about the resurgence of COVID and the delta variant that is spreading like wildfire, get that vaccination series completed to keep yourself out of the hospitals or emergency rooms.

Let’s be safe, Mount Vernon and Lisbon.

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