The City of Mount Vernon moved for the parks and recreation board to review the rules for the Nancy Huffman Doreen Dog park in Mount Vernon.

Mount Vernon city council member Scott Rose said he has had a number of individuals concerned about what to do about dog bites or aggressive dogs being found at the dog park. Rose was concerned that the council would be taking a more reactionary stance when it comes to dog bites, as opposed to educating citizens about what steps they can take to avoid the issue.

“My concern is we want the dog park to be welcoming to dogs of all sizes and breeds, but I think if owners can’t control their dog, the dog park may not be the best place for them,” Rose said.

Mount Vernon city administrator Chris Nosbisch said installing a video camera at the park to monitor for these situations or help law enforcement after the fact would be one option.

Signs currently empower citizens to call a non-emergency number for the police when it comes to people not following the rules at the park..

Mount Vernon city council member Debra Herrmann recommended this be reviewed by the parks and recreation board.

Mount Vernon parks and recreation director Matt Siders noted that in the past year, the park has seen the largest number of dog waste bags used since the park has been opened, proving more people and dogs are using the facility.

This is one of the issues that the city has been receiving more communication about, which Nosbisch notes is happening because more people have been working from home and encountering more people in these spaces.

Mount Vernon-Lisbon Police Department chief Doug Shannon notes that Chapter 55 of the Mount Vernon Ordinances spells out the rules for dogs in off-leash spaces in the community, as well as other animal related issues.

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