The Mount Vernon City Council chose not to change the age for members on family passes at the Lester Buresh Family Community Wellness Center.

A citizen approached the city about allowing their adult age child to remain on a family pass. The pass allows people up to age 21 on a family pass.

Mount Vernon city administrator Chris Nosbisch said that the city had originally arrived at 21 as the cap, as when people would be recognized as an adult and need their own membership, because the goal with family passes was to allow youths to remain on the pass through their high school career.

“There are a number of seniors in high school who turn 19 before the end of the school year, and we wanted them to be able to take advantage of a family pass,” Nosbisch said.

Mount Vernon parks and recreation director Matt Siders said this issue only impacts a few users, and that the center offers both one month and three month options for youth, who might be home for a break or summer, wanting to use the fitness center when they’re home. They can also purchase a day pass for their exercise needs.

Mount Vernon City Council member Paul Tuerler said he had an issue associating membership at the center with college age, as not all youth attend college after high school.

“Twenty-one is a reasonable age to draw a line as youth are seen as adults,” Tuerler said. “I think we need to draw a line that is reasonable, and setting this at 21 as these individuals are their own person is the right thing to do.”

Mount Vernon City Council member Debra Herrmann said that age was a point of discussion at her family Christmas party.

“One of the points that routinely came up is the affordability of our day pass to the facility, as well as the affordability of a monthly membership to the center,” Herrmann said. “It was viewed as a bargain on either side from many of our family members compared to what membership costs in other communities.”

The council agreed to keep the age at 21.

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